The demand for top talent has never been greater and organizations today, regardless of industry or location, seek experienced, credible leaders with the vision and skills to design winning strategies and motivate others.

Done right, new blood will infuse the organization with imagination, power, motivation, and promise. Now, more than ever, a highly talented senior leadership team, with a broad spectrum of diversity in terms of thought, experience and perspective, is a prerequisite for sustainability and long-term success in a changing, global marketplace. 

In executive search, it is not always enough to provide generalist services across all markets. In certain industry sectors, you need search consultants with specific expertise - who know your industry, are deeply immersed in the target business community and who can have an incisive understanding of your challenges.

In addition to a broad functional capability, we have sector specialists around the world who belong to industry and functional practices according to their experience and expertise. Through these practices we pool our sector and candidate knowledge and condust focused research on talent and industry trends.

We deliver effective solutions with hands-on experience in the markets we serve. You will find our consultants to possess extensive backgrounds, with deep expertise in a broad cross-section of industry sectors and functional areas. As a result, organizations worldwide turn to IMD International Search Group for guidance when making critical human resource decisions. Together we can create enduring success for your organization.

Our practices are global, enabling consultants to collaborate in best teams and across borders to provide deep expertise, global insight, local knowledge and fast, innovative solutions to every search.