Consumer Goods and Services

Competition for "mind-share" is greater than ever. Today's global consumer base requires a multi-faceted approach to sales and marketing. Competition for the attention and spending power of consumers is unrelenting, requiring organizations to be well versed in the areas of supply chain, product development and increasingly, sustainability.

The industry is experiencing a shortage of highly-talented executives able to respond to mounting pressure. This scarcity of top executives makes it imperative to attract and retain outstanding leaders.

In this challenging landscape, companies require leaders who can serve as agents for change, possess a thorough understanding of new marketing formats and techniques, work with limited resources and communicate a long-term strategic vision for the organization.

Consumer goods and services companies rely not only on our access to these top decision-makers but also our ability to assess talent — to put forth only those individuals with the ability to execute and lead the vision — to drive the organization to new heights.

Our consultants possess deep consumer industry expertise, having held key executive positions with consumer companies, in addition to their years of executive search and consulting experience.