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Education and Research

The global Education and Research sectors, in the history of their evolution, have never experienced the scale and speed of change and resource pressures as they now do.  Rising costs as governments can no longer subsidise universities and research to any great extent;  increasing demand for quality online learning and teaching wherever the student is,  and the concept of  lifelong learning throughout one’s career creating a huge market for training and retraining, means that universities, colleges, schools and research institutes will continue  to be part of one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Government, Third Sector and Not for Profit

Government and Not For Profit organisations are very often in states or stages of reform.   Political leadership change, regulatory change, diversification of funding sources, and pressures around productivity and operational efficiencies are the tensions that leaders in these sectors constantly must balance. 

The IMD Consultant team in Government, NFP and the Third Sector, understands the elements of leadership which are unique to these organisations such as managing large volunteer workforces, dealing with major compliance issues, motivating staff who are not necessarily highly paid, and contending with political leadership changes more frequently than desirable.

Whether it be inspirational members of the government bureaucracy,  Foundation Charity leaders, high integrity public servants, or the right combination of management to lead an industry association, our Consultants understand the issues and challenges, many of them are directors themselves on NFP Boards. Or former government executives who advise through first-hand experience.

Our specialist Consultants in Education and Research bring deep knowledge, global networks and  relationships with the highest calibre of contemporary candidates  for senior leadership and management roles from Vice Chancellor to Professorial levels, and Chief Executives and C-level executive positions.  With long-time expertise in research disciplines, matched with thorough understanding of academic and strategic leadership, our Consultants know how to reach out, attract, assess, and help to appoint the right outstanding leaders from around the world, for your institution, college, or school.