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Technology continues to expand the frontiers of the information age at an impressive rate through ingenuity and creativeness. This rapid pace of expansion within the Technology, Digital, Software and Telecom sector is the gateway to the future of the delivery of information to consumers and professional organizations alike.

We understand how convergence in the industry and fast developing technologies have shaped the opportunities and challenges facing global companies in the sector, concerning Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud, Mobility, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence...

To maximize their performance, they require talented leaders with an innovative spirit, keen market insight and global perspective.

From major multinationals to mid-cap, start-up and private equity and venture-backed companies, our clients relay on us not only to deliver outstanding results, but also to operate with the flexibility needed to navigate in rapidly changing market conditions.

We take an integrated approach, bringing to each search our industry insight, knowledge and personal relationships with exceptional candidates.