Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical Industry

Research and Development continues to expand the boundaries of medical science at an impressive rate through ingenuity and creativeness. This rapid pace of expansion within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and contract services companies is the gateway to the future of medicine.

Our consultants understand how dynamic scientific advancements in the industry are shaping the opportunities and challenges facing today's life sciences companies.

To meet these challenges, leaders with operational expertise, in tandem with the unique skills to communicate an effective business mission, are critical to achieving company objectives. With our team approach, we advance the search process with practical insight, knowledge and personal relationships with today's exceptional industry talent.

Our consultants have tactical in-line experience and strategic senior management background with leading life science organizations, forming a powerful resource for tapping outstanding talent in all life sciences disciplines around the world.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

With the general population living longer, accompanied by huge technological advances, and governments increasing  price controls through value-based costing models, the health and life sciences sectors are experiencing transformation like never before.

Healthcare spending is predicted to increase with rising wealth and a wellness focus in first world countries.  Population growth and access to better facilities, and drug cures, are the increasing challenges in developing countries. 

Strategic leaders, highly qualified clinicians, exceptional administrators, and innovative scientists will continue to be in demand to face these opportunities in such challenging times.  Our Consultants in the Healthcare and Life Sciences understand the complexities, the pressures and the critical nature of leadership and standards of safety and quality, in environments of constant change.   The appointment of exceptional Chief Executives, strategists, senior medical administrators, and operational management requires experienced recruitment partners.  The international  IMD Consultant team are proven in the acquisition of the very best qualified talent in Healthcare, Medical Research, and Pharmaceuticals, to respond to your organisation’s strategic leadership needs.