The power of referral is one of the most effective, indisputable measures today, contributing to a competitive edge for your organisation. Employees essentially are your brand, and play a key role as advocates for your organisation, and ultimately its reputation. Creating an engaging experience for new employees is a critical input to your talent acquisition and retention planning. Our professional consultants partner with you to develop an onboarding strategy and program that aligns to your overall talent strategy, ensuring a positive experience from day one.

Recognising that onboarding takes place over time, we work collaboratively with you to plan, design and implement formal orientation programs engaging key stakeholders to clarify your needs and requirements.  Our objective is to develop a consistent, engaging onboarding experience and implementation that is participatory in nature, utilises the latest technology to facilitate the process, and monitors and evaluates progress.

From an employee’s first day, to establishing set milestones, an onboarding strategy and plan is critical to your employee and brand engagement.